Improving science communication and increasing public understanding of science and the natural world.
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Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting

Fostering greater understanding of science through training for journalists and researchers, online resources, and public lectures.

Rhode Island Teacher-At-Sea Program

An at-sea teacher research experience aboard the R/V Endeavor, creating a sustainable partnership among ocean scientists, researchers and Rhode Island educators.

Communications and Engagement

Developing communications strategies to support international networks of researchers and sharing scietific findings with diverse international audiences.

Studio Blue

A collaborative venture creating a multimedia coastal and ocean learning commons combining the talents of ocean scientists, communicators, artists, designers, students and researchers to create a living studio for enhancing public engagement with our blue planet.

Narragansett Bay Classroom

Offering a variety of marine and environmental professional development opportunities, field trips, interpretative programs, special events, lectures, and tours for people of all ages.

Charles and Marie Fish Lecture in Oceanography

An annual public lecture endowed by the family of Drs. Charles and Marie Fish who established a marine biological program at the University in 1935 and eventually a graduate program in oceanography at the Narragansett Marine Laboratory, which later became URI's Graduate School of Oceanography.