Coastal Institute Bookstore

  While on campus, stop by the Coastal Institute Bookstore for a wide selection of marine-oriented books, field guides, toys, games, gifts, jewelry, clothing, and accessories. Featuring a unique selection of marine and environmental books and field guides, educational resources for teachers and educators, educational games and toys, and marine jewelry, art, and clothing, the Coastal Institute Bookstore is located just inside the entrance of the Coastal Institute Visitor Center. Proceeds from Bookstore sales support the marine education efforts at the University. URI faculty, staff, and students, as well as current GSO Alumni, Friends of Oceanography, and volunteers, receive a 10% discount on all Bookstore purchases (except Gift Certificates and special order items). The Bookstore is staffed by a dedicated group of volunteer clerks, and thus, hours are limited.

Call 401-874-6211 for questions or directions, or just stop by and ring the door bell! We will be happy to help you if we're available.