(Courtesy of NOAA Photo Library)
Harbor Seal
(Phoca vitulina concolor)

This seal is the most abundant marine mammal in the coastal waters of southern New England. They are found in Narragansett Bay waters from September through May. Harbor seals leave the Bay in April and May for Maine or Canada where they give birth and mate in early summer. They grow on average to 5 feet (1.6 m) long and weigh about 200 lb (91 kg). Harbor seals eat whatever fish or invertebrates are available but they commonly eat herring, cod, flounder, and squid. Harbor seals haul out almost daily at low tide onto rock ledges in the Bay. Although harbor seals haul out regularly at about 15 locations throughout Narragansett Bay, the best place to see them is looking out from Rome Point in North Kingstown, on the rocky ledge approximately 1/4 mile from shore.

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