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Making Paper 2

(Fig 1)

Soak some shredded paper in a tub of water (Figure 1). If you do not have a shredder, tear the paper into small pieces. This will help the blender last longer. Fill the blender cup about half way with water. Add a small amount of the shredded paper (Figure 2). If you are conducting an experiment, you will need to standardize the volume and temperature of the water that you use as well as the amount and type of paper that you use. Add algae or anything else that you wish to add (Figure 3). Again, if you are conducting an experiment, you need to be consistent with the amounts of materials that you add. Place the lid on the blender, and place your hand firmly on the lid (Figure 4). Blend. You may wish to experiment with different blending times. Remember to keep careful records during your experiment.

(Fig 2) (Fig 3) (Fig 4)


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