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Virtual Field Trip

Life in the Bay Slide Show

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Click on an individual/species group to go directly to that page within the Slide Show:

A: Alewife | Amphipod | Bay Anchovy | Silver Anchovy | Sea Anemone
B: Black Sea Bass | Striped Bass | Blood Worm | Young Bluefish | Blue Runner | Brant | Butterflyfish
C: Capelin | Hard-shelled Clam | Soft-shelled Clam | Clam Worm | Bluespotted Cornetfish | Blue Crab | Black-fingered Mud Crab | Fiddler Crab | Green Crab | Hermit Crab | Horseshoe Crab | Jonah Crab | Japanese Shore Crab | Lady Crab | Mole Crab | Spider Crab | Wharf Crab | Atlantic Croaker
D: Damselfish | Diamondback Terrapin | Smooth Dogfish
E: American Eel | Egret & Ibis | Snowy Egret
F: Beach Fleas | Windowpane Flounder | Winter Flounder
G: Goosefish | Gull's Egg | Black-backed Gull | Laughing Gull
H: Green Heron | Juvenile Herring
I: Isopod | Baltic Isopod | Greedy Isopod
J: Lion's Mane Jellyfish/Clam Worm Hatch
K: Rainwater Killifish | Striped Killifish | Northern Kingfish
L: Sand Lance | Lobster
M: Atlantic Mackeral | Chub Mackeral | Mallard Hen | Menhaden | Merganser | Hooded Merganser | Mullet | Striped Mullet | Mummichog | Mussel | Mysids
P: White perch | Permit | Pinfish | Pipefish | Pollock | Pompano | Puffer
S: Sandpiper | Bay Scallop | Sea Scallop | Shorthorn Sculpin | Scup | Sea Horse | Sea Lice | Sea Robin | Northern Sennet | Hickory Shad | Sheepshead Minnow | Shrimp | Sand Shrimp | Shore Shrimp | Skeleton Shrimp | Silverside | Clearnose Skate | Skate's Tail | Moon Snail | Spiny Dogfish | Squid | Sea Star | Stickleback | Striped Cusk-Eel | Mute Swan
T: Common Tern | Atlantic Tomcod | Ocean Triggerfish | Star Tunicate | Ruddy Turnstone
U: Green Sea Urchin
W: Knobbed Whelk

Note: The Life in the Bay Slide Show is growing so large and diverse that it is no longer practical to view the Slide Show from beginning to end. We have eliminated that option. Varieties of anchovies, crabs, isopods, killifish, flounder, mackeral, gulls, mullet, scallops, and shrimp have each remained grouped together for convenience.

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